Anna Biagioni

Global Advocacy

Anna has collaborated with numerous charities and was a speaker for “Youth Against Addiction” movement. She observed the difficulties young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face and the adverse repercussions which society is often to bear. After experiencing first-hand at the time surprising ineffectiveness of charitable help, Anna now believes social enterprises to be a more efficient tool in helping people help themselves.

During her studies at London School of Economics, Anna has uncovered a growing influence of social media. Having built a presence across multiple platforms, she aimed to maximize its potential. However, it became clear that interactive media brought a new array of social issues to which adolescents appeared to be the most vulnerable. At that time Anna discovered “The Princess Diana Award”, a project assisting young people faced with various challenges, including online bullying, by way of training and mentoring. Anna since believes that appropriate guidance, not charitable aids is the best approach to supporting vulnerable young people.

Anna is an advocate for the film industry as a tool for creating a significant social impact. Being based in London and engaged with the film community, she often observes its untapped potential. This is where she hopes to make an impact in the future.

Naturally, Anna has enthusiastically embraced an opportunity to contribute to Aster Impact.