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A Smart Village Project

Vision: To build a smart village in strategic rural areas of Croatia with good connectivity, and create an active global community of entrepreneurs and professionals looking for an alternative lifestyle with sustainable energy, clean water, farm-to-table, and productive enterprises in a peaceful rural setting making impact contribution to the surrounding economies and beyond and living a healthy life.

We contribute to creating an inclusive and circular economy in Croatia.

Impact We Create

  • Social: Revive the rural area bringing global residents and foreign workers creating dynamic community reducing stress on the city from urbanization. 
  • Economical
    • Provide jobs to residents, foreign workers and locals;
    • Build a dynamic economy with micro and small enterprises;
    • Global experts support the business incubator, local companies, and organizations;
    • Better housing for the local residents;
    • A farmer’s coop for local farmers to join; and
    • Ecotourism to the area
  • Environmental

    • Zero carbon living for 1,000 residents;
    • Carbon trading of 30,000 tons per year;
    • Sustainable farming preserving ancient variety; and
    • Resource efficiency: energy, water, and waste



For more information, contact

Leah Zveglich

+1 (845) 537-1507


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