General Questions

Can I pay after I receive the products?

Due to the shortage of PPE items and manufacturer’s difficulty getting raw materials to produce the products, manufacturers request a minimum 50% down payment upon order and the balance 50% upon loading the products for shipping. To pay after you receive the products, you need to find a company that will finance your transaction by paying on your behalf and getting paid later. There are PO financing and factoring companies. However, this increases your total product cost as the financing fees are quite high these days.

How do I know I am getting genuine products?

We’ve been working with our suppliers for a while and they are proven to be reliable and professional. We rate them ongoing based on transactions and work only with reliable partners. That’s the main purpose of Phoenix Trust Market: creating a reliable PPE supply chain.

Why do you charge the service fee?

We are a unique nonprofit organization that we provide services and ask for a fee rather than a donation. We use the fee to support the operation of Phoenix Trust Market. The remaining, we support our other social projects such as protecting migrant workers, youth employment programs, and environmental projects. By using our service, you achieve two purposes:

1. Getting the products you need in a transparent and efficient way.

2. Supporting the social project greetings jobs for underserved populations.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Our suppliers give you a full refund if they cannot source the products in time or the quality does not meet the specifications. Once the products are in transit, it is insured for loss or damage.

What if the products do not clear the customs?

We only deal with quality products that meet the import requirements of a destination country. You only experience this problem when your products do not meet the requirements, or the importer does not qualify for restricted items.

Can I get samples?

It is hard to get samples these days as manufacturers who are busy producing and sell in bulk do not want to break a case. We provide you a sample on rare occasions if we have it. In most cases, we don’t have samples nor can we provide one in a timely manner.

Can I get POL (Proof of Life)?

This is a strange practice that got started in China. A photo of products in the warehouse is not as meaningful as a test report. We provide you all the information you need to give you the confidence of the products before shipping. Any extra unnecessary steps you request delay the shipping when time is money. Everyday product costs and shipping charges are going up. It’s important to balance the need to verify and need to ship quickly.

3M Related Questions

Can I order directly from 3M?

3M direct has extremely limited capacity. Since April 2020, they only deal with US government entities who have urgent needs. Thus, it is not an option for most buyers.

Do I get a better price if I go directly to distributors?

Logic would dictate that direct access gives you a better price. Each distributor sets its prices and prices vary. Using our relationship and on-going orders, we discreetly check prices and stock availability and find you the best option.

If I ask multiple distributors and compare, do I get a better price?

Please be careful in sending out your inquiries. Due to the high volume of inquiry, distributors confirm the price and stock availability only when the order is confirmed. When the order is confirmed and entered in the 3M system, you are obliged to pay. If you don’t pay and go with another distributor because you found a better deal, it shows up in the 3M system that you failed to pay for an order. This affects your credit rating. Please do not ask multiple parties to source your 3M orders. It has to be managed carefully so that you have a good standing with 3M for future orders. It’s better you work with one sourcing partner who works with multiple suppliers.

Can I do google search, find a distributor, and buy directly?

In a normal business environment, that would be possible. Due to unusually high demand and limited supply, distributors have difficulty handling orders from existing buyers. Thus, they do not answer cold calls or accept orders from strangers. It takes a strong relationship to secure stock and put a priority on orders. That’s what we provide.

Can I resell 3M masks after I purchase them?

The resale of 3M masks in the US is not allowed and only authorized buyers (government entities, hospitals, emergency response units, international organizations, and nonprofit organizations). Products made in the US have to remain in the US and cannot be exported, even to Canada and Mexico. Resale is possible outside the US. However, it is not realistic as the international price is higher to start with.

Can I pay for the products after I get the SGS report?

3M orders for stock purchase goes through fast, usually 5 – 8 days from the time of contracting. Thus, the recommended practice is to have the total order amount available in an escrow account and paid according to the milestones. This ensures that the order is processed efficiently.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Many suppliers have a minimum order quantity of 1 million pieces. A MOQ of 1 million pieces will help secure a good price. However, we will do our best to connect you to a supply of less than 1 million with a fair price in order to meet your needs.