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Here you can find general information for Buyers, Suppliers and Escrow account



For Buyers

We understand it is time consuming and increasingly challenging to navigate a market that is in desperate need for transparency, integrity and efficiency. Aster Impact connects buyers to a wide network of reputable suppliers that will meet all your PPE needs timely and safely

PPE procurement in 3 simple steps!

1. Navigate to this portal to login/register for an account

2. Gain instant access to a wide selection of PPE products — compare specs, prices, suppliers, product availability at your fingertips in our product gallery.

3. Contact us and issue a PO that reflect your needs and requests

For Suppliers

Thank you for choosing Tradisso as your trusted partner. We strive to select best-in-class suppliers to join our network of vetted providers and we look forward to working with you.

How do I become a qualified supplier?

1. Navigate to this portal to login/register for an account

2. Our experienced due diligence team will contact you to review relevant information. At times a video conference between legal counsels may be requested.

3. Upload available products on our site.

About Escrow

Aster Impact partnered with to bring trust to the PPE market. It is a secure and transparent payment platform that facilitates payment according to sales agreement terms efficiently

Why you should use Escrow?

1. Transaction Speed. Speed is important in PPE transactions where price and stock availability is dynamic. has a robust order system that ensures everything gets set up and working in minutes. It is tailored for PPE which includes milestones such as SGS inspection. 

2. Money Speed. Large wire transfer tends to be flagged by banks, which leads to payment delays. We expect banks flagging large amounts for PPE will only increase as the Federal Government tightens its rules and regulations to combat rising global money laundering practices. Making payments through escrow is safer and faster than passing through your own bank account. Also the fee is more reasonable than an attorney or bank managed escrow account.

Standard Order Process with Escrow 

1. Buyer and Seller sign a Sales Agreement.  Once the buyer has chosen the product, quantity, and delivery date. And a sales agreement has been signed by both buyer and seller which states terms and conditions of the transaction. 

2. The buyer pays The Buyer then transfers the agreed-upon amount into their Escrow account. 

3. First Payout. pays the Seller 50% of the Product Cost and Aster Fee

4. Product Due Diligence. As soon as the payment is complete, the Seller commences the formalities of packing, inspecting, and preparing the export/import documents. 

5. Shipping Confirmation. To ship the products, will pay the Seller 50% of the remaining Product Cost and 100% of the shipping fee. The buyer will be issued a Bill of Lading or Airway Bill. 

6. Delivery. Upon delivery, the Buyer will inspect the PPE, making sure they are exactly what they ordered and in good condition. They then confirm to that they are satisfied with their purchase. And will pay the remaining fee to Aster.