5bl Top Gloves – exclusive deal unable to enter the US due to legal mandate against the manufacturer. Now in Free Zone off Miami, $10.75 per / box

The above is a message I received yesterday. I understand that everyone is desperate for gloves. But are we desperate enough to purchase gloves made using forced labor?

I am happy to know that our buyers and referral partners are socially responsible people who will not bend their morals for a few extra pennies of profit. Please spread the word and tell people not to buy Top Gloves.

Aster International / Astra Centar finds decent jobs for migrant workers from countries facing political or economic problems. We work with companies that practice fair labor and provide support for integration. We are focusing on prevention (finding a decent job legally) rather than intervention (rescuing people in trouble).

Please help us to stop human trafficking and forced labor!
Thank you. Leah

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