Project Phoenix

Aster Impact provides intervention where the free market fails. Project Phoenix by Aster Impact, we facilitate governments, hospitals, and international organizations to source COVID-19 related supplies efficiently. The pandemic disrupted the supply chain. On top of that, every country is limiting the movement of COVID-19 associated items worsening the shortage. We facilitate the transaction between buyers and suppliers, providing better information flow, transparency, and reliability.

Buyers need products at the best price as quickly as possible but have difficulty finding reliable suppliers. Even when they find one, the process and paperwork required in today’s closed border environment is daunting and challenging. With prices and stock situations changing daily, it is not easy to manage.

Suppliers want to sell their products to legitimate buyers. The market is full of speculators and opportunists who are bombarding the suppliers, they have difficulty working with genuine buyers. 

We match the two parties, people who need products with those who have the products and facilitate the transaction process.

  • We want to bring balance to the chaotic market through our contribution.
    Transparency in the transaction to restore trust between the buyer and the supplier

  • Smooth flow of information to help with decision making

  • Speed of execution by managing the process as directly as possible

  • Advising and informing the buyers to adapt to the changed reality of the market