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Primary Focus Group

Job seekers in countries with economic, social and political problems where it is hard to find decent jobs and develop a career. We give priority to young people, women, minority and underprivileged groups.

We find them a job in a country where there is a shortage of workers. We work with companies seeking to practice socially responsible foreign worker hiring.

Our Service Difference

  • Fair business practice: We follow fair business practices to protect the rights of workers from abusive and fraudulent practices during the recruitment process.
  • Intermediary support: We play an intermediary role between the employer and foreign worker ensuring quick resolution of issues and maintaining a harmonious work environment.
  • Full cycle socially responsible recruitment: We are involved throughout the recruitment cycle and committed to the success of our clients. We guarantee our service.



  • April 2018: Concept presented to impact investors, London, UK.
  • July 2018: The founding team formed and the Business plan prepared
  • October 2018: Aster International registered as a benefit corporation in the US and the operation began
  • December 2018: The team formed in Croatia
  • February 2019: Subdiairy Astra Centar registered in Croatia and the operation began
  • May 2019: The first contract signed
  • December 2019: The first group of worked arrived in Croatia
  • March 2020: In hibernation due to Covid-19, until the embassies open and workers can travel

We are dedicated to changing the world one job at a time. We combat forced labor practices by matching workers with the right employers and break workers free from recruitment fee debts.

A subsidiary of Aster International based in Zagreb, Croatia.