These are social enterprises that we incubated and benefited

from our social entrepreneurship advisory program.

Socially Responsible Foreign

Workforce Recruitment

A social enterprise that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Primary Focus Group

Job seekers in countries with economic, social and political problems where it is hard to find decent jobs and develop a career. We give priority to young people, women, minority and underprivileged groups.

We find them a job in a country where there is a shortage of workers. We work with companies seeking to practice socially responsible foreign worker hiring.

Business Model

  • Socially Responsible Recruitment: We practice fair trade in the foreign worker job market sourcing the candidates according to the transparent and socially responsible business practices. We provide integration as well as continuous development support to ensure high performance of new hires.
    We are trying to stop human trafficking and unfair labor practices often called modern day slavery of foreign workers.
  • Integration Support: We support our workers with integration support so that they can smoothly integrate into a host country’s culture building a new life.
  • Career Development Support: We provide ongoing training to develop a career. Foreign workers often get a dead-end job with no career prospect. We give them hope and future by supporting their career development.

Vocational Training and

Job Placement Center

A vocational training and job placement center for people who are seeking jobs but have difficulty joining the workforce due to a lack of relevant skills.

Primary Focus Group

Young graduates who are not prepared for a particular skill or job.
Women who are not prepared for a job. Middle aged retirees with years of experience and having difficulty finding work.

Business Model

  • Customized Training: In-House customized training to develop, engage and motivate existing and staff to meet the business requirements. It leads to higher performance delivering business results immediately. We following an adult learning principle, Action-Reflection-Learning which is an efficient way to develop practical skills.
  • Career Transition for Executives: Creating room for career progression for emerging leaders means having to make a career transition plan for current executives. The company train them to be your trainers and coaches giving them a career alternative. Candidates benefit from their years of experience in the company and industry, and their passion for the company. The company manages them to deliver training and coaching using the customized programs.