Leah Zveglich

Founder, Aster Impact, Tradiso (Project Phoenix) and COVID-19

Aster Impact project Tradiso

COVID-19 has forever changed our lives. As the pandemic continues, access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is more crucial than ever. Aster Impact is bringing transparency, trust, and access to a volatile market. Led by Executive Director and Founder Leah Zveglich, Aster Impact is a non for profit organization dedicated to making social impact. Project Tradiso targets failure of the free market, aims to secure necessary PPE for all. 
  • Tradiso targets school districts, nursing homes, local governments, and small hospitals purchase the PPE they need
  • Tradiso team work actively to take purchase orders. Order ranges from as small as 10,000 nitrile gloves and as large as 1 billion masks.