Right now, buyers want On The Ground PPE products. To increase their chances of finding the products on the ground, they are telling every possible source. For every actual order, there are at least 20 people searching for it.

There are limited stocks available. The sellers tell everyone they know to find a real buyer. For each stock available, at least 20 people are going around offering it. This is where the challenge is. It seems like there are a lot of buyers and a lot of stocks available, but in reality, there are a limited number of buyers and limited stocks for sale.

Our job is to filter through the information, find a real buyer, and then match them with a genuine seller. It is like a treasure hunt every day. To make the process efficient, we recommend that potential buyers issue an authorization letter or PO to Aster. We then actively look for a stock that matches their needs. We screen the sellers as much as possible so that we can eliminate ghost stocks, speculative stocks, or unreliable sellers. However, there is a limit to what we can do, especially in the absence of POF.

These are tips for stocks on the ground purchase:
– Please issue Aster a PO or LOA so that we can actively source the stock for you. Due to the speed of execution required to secure the stocks on the ground, it does not work if we approach you after identifying a stock.
– Please have your BCL ready as it is the most crucial process of the order that triggers that sequence of events such as POL, SGS, and more. The sellers do not provide any proof of stock until BCL is provided.
– Please be patient. Purchasing the stocks on the ground does not mean you sign the agreement in the morning and pick up the products in the afternoon. Even a small transaction takes a week and a large transaction, two weeks.
– Be thankful when things go as planned and accept the reality when things do not go as planned. The market is volatile, and so many things are beyond the control of a buyer, a seller, or a facilitator.
– Communicate as directly as possible. Message relay with intermediaries often causes miscommunication and confusion.

We strongly recommend a production order. Production orders are more reliable than the stocks on the ground, have better prices, and are more predictable.

Below is a link to stocks available, just to give you an idea. We update it daily. However, please do not assume you can get what you see, if you have not yet issued a PO / authorization letter to us. Please call me and confirm.