A vocational training and job placement center for people who are seeking jobs but have difficulty joining the workforce due to a lack of relevant skills.

  • Primary focus group: underprivileged people seeking jobs
  • Our business model:
    • In house training: We provide tailor-made training solutions for each position for a company. We prepare them for jobs and also upskill them to improve productivity and advance their career. Companies have difficulty developing their employee. There are international training providers for top and senior executives. There are local training providers for middle managers. It is challenging to manage training of entry and supervisor level as there are no quality providers.
    • We secure jobs from potential employers through a recruitment contract. We develop the curriculum specifically for a job in a company. People who are looking for jobs go through the training. If they cannot afford the training, we provide a tuition loan which they can pay back after they get a job.

Project Leader: Leah Zyeglich