Supplier Agreement:


I provide an accurate and up to date supplier and company information. I am an authorized representative of the company/organization. I can accept inquiries, confirm orders, and process them.


I am not an introducer or an agent. If you are a referral party, please follow this link for an introducer account. 


I provide an accurate and up to date product information on the Phoenix Trust market for the purpose of sales. The information I provide is legally obtained with consent from the manufacturer, distributor, or reseller. 


I am the only one who has access to the account and I do not share the login details with anyone else. If anyone else in my organization needs access, he/she will create a separate account. 


I respond to a buyer inquiry within 36 hours with accurate product cost, stock availability, production capacity, and delivery information. 


When I accept the order, I am responsible for securing the products at the price agreed and delivery at the agreed mode and date. I accept the payment via an escrow account. 


I understand that I am financially responsible if I fail to ship the products as promised, or if the products arrived are not as described. 


I accept that Aster will give me a rating of Choice 1, Choice 2, Choice 3, and Blacklist in Phoenix Trust Market based on Aster observation and buyers’ feedback. 


I and my company/organization are not involved in any of the following activities:

  • Damaging the environment.
  • Human trafficking, forced labor or unfair labor practices
  • Any forbidden items such as drugs, and endangered species