Buyer Agreement:


I provide an accurate and up to date buyer and company information. I am an authorized representative of the company/organization. I can make a purchasing decision and manage the payments.


I am not an introducer or an agent. If you are a referral party, please follow this link for an introducer account. 


I use the information on the Phoenix Trust market only for the purpose of making the purchasing decisions. I share the information only with people in my organization who are in charge of making the purchasing decisions. I do not circulate or share the information to anyone who is not in charge of making purchasing decisions or anyone who is not a part of my company/organization. 


I am the only one who has access to the account and I do not share the login details with anyone else. If anyone else in my organization needs access, he/she will create a separate account. 


I make an inquiry only when I am sure to purchase the products. I understand that the suppliers are overloaded due to product and stock shortage. 


When I confirm the order, I am responsible for the payments of product cost, shipping charges, and service fees. The payment is due immediately upon the confirmation of the order via escrow account or payment terms specified by the supplier.


I understand that my order can be canceled if I fail to make the payment within 36 hours after confirming the order. 


I accept that Aster Impact will give me a rating of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Blacklist in Phoenix Trust Market based on Aster observation and suppliers’ feedback. 


I and my company/organization are not involved in any of the following activities:

  • Damaging the environment.
  • Human trafficking, forced labor or unfair labor practices
  • Any forbidden items such as drugs, and endangered species